Vinca privatised - REMOVAL OF WASTE collected during voluntary actions is no longer FREE OF CHARGE

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    Vinca privatised – REMOVAL OF WASTE collected during voluntary actions is no longer FREE OF CHARGE

    The City waste management company will no longer be able to take away free of charge the waste collected during voluntary actions, instead the service will have to be paid for and the associations that organise these activities will have a problem what to do with the waste and how to dispose of it.

    They also state that they still do not have a price list and that the City of Belgrade and City Waste Management Company (Gradska cistoca) should find a way to enable the waste collected during voluntary actions to be removed free of charge, because citizens will not be able to pay for this.

    “Since Vinca was privatised, Gradska cistoca will no longer collect waste from these sites for free. In other words, when we clean a location, as we did on Sunday with the Sava Quay, someone has to pay for it, and that someone is the citizens who cleaned the area. The foreign investor does not recognise these voluntary actions as a concept at all, and they are not interested in them in any way, so Suez will invoice this to the City waste management, and this enterprise will in turn invoice it – to the citizens”, the representatives of the Eco Guard (Eko straza) association say.

    Bojan Simisic of Eco Guard says for the BIZLife portal that they did not manage to get information from Gradska cistoca Novi Beograd public utilities company, but only from the operator of the telephone exchange, who confirmed this.

    He points out that the problem arose when Vinca was privatised and that Gradska cistoca probably defined in some of their decisions or decrees that any unscheduled cleaning should be billed.

    “By all accounts, they are not interested in whether there was a party and the waste remained on the spot after it, or the citizens came together and collected the waste in an organized manner!”, Simisic explains, adding that they have not yet been told the price.

    Izvor: BIZLife/Jelena Andrić

    Foto: Pixabay

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