Vucic: State of emergency throughout Serbia takes effect immediately

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    Vucic: State of emergency throughout Serbia takes effect immediately

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says the decision has been made to declare a state of emergency, effective immediately, throughout the country. “Serbia is at war today against a vicious enemy,” Vucic said at a news conference after the Crisis Staff session. “As of Monday, schools, kindergartens, faculties, everything will be closed and we will slowly disinfect all the areas. No sport, no going to the gym … Local self-governments will decide how they will organize the operation of restaurants. Life is put on hold in order to save lives,” Vucic said. “This will certainly be the most difficult battle for us, this is a battle for our elderly and the sick – they are the target of this fierce attack. Persons over 65 years of age need to stay home. If it is necessary, out of love for retirees and our parents, we will make a binding decision in the next 72 hours to keep everyone at home. Our children are not the targets, our parents are.” Speaking about the condition of those infected, Vucic said that two patients, diabetics, were currently put on respirators and they were in serious condition, while the others infected were feeling well. He said hospitals would be guarded by the army as of Monday. “Whoever violates the isolation order will be punished with three years in prison – immediately.” “There is no great international solidarity. European solidarity is a fairy tale on paper. We have the highest hopes in the only people who can help us, namely China. I sent a letter and I asked our friend and brother, President Xi Jinping, asking China for everything, even to send us doctors,” Vucic said. “All the restrictions will apply, everyone who comes from anywhere in the world will have to be quarantined for 14 days, and those who come from the hotspots will be quarantined for 28 days, whether or not they have the coronavirus symptoms,” he said.

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