Want to buy a book? Get ready, as Belgrade fair begins

Pridružite se poslovnoj zajednici od 20000 najuspešnijih i čitajte nas prvi

    Want to buy a book? Get ready, as Belgrade fair begins

    The International Book Fair in Belgrade will be held from October 20th to 27th, 2019. Under the slogan “Heads = Tails”, five hundred direct exhibitors will present themselves, sixty of whom come from abroad, and this year’s honorary guest country of the fair is Egypt. According to fair’s official website, during eight days visitors will be able to check the current local publishing production and enrich their collections with the latest titles at best prices. Dozens of panels dedicated to topics directly related to the challenges of the current domestic publishing production will be organized during fair days. The audience will be able to talk about the correlations between literature, science and various forms of artistic expression. Plenty of attention will be given to the life and work of Danilo Kis, Milorad Pavic and Oscar Davico, whose death anniversaries are marked throughout the year 2019.

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