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We asked business people why do they follow BIZLife?

Why do I visit the BIZLife portal?

Mina Kalezic, Marketing and Sales Director of the CBS International consulting company, part of the Cushman&Wakefield Group “I visit the BIZlife portal because I can always find new information from the business world in one place, as well as useful tips and interesting facts from different spheres. Due to the nature of my work, I usually visit the ‘Real Estate’ section and I am very pleased that my colleagues from the CBS International real estate consulting company have had the opportunity to be expert interviewees for the BIZLife portal on the topics in this field.”

Nikola Jovanovic, Director of Plum Mark, marketing research agency

“The Internet is a forest which often prevents us from seeing a tree. It is full of noises due to which we sometimes do not hear important information. BIZLife separates the relevant from the irrelevant and it presents essential, clear, well written and useful information, it saves time and prevents us from becoming frustrated. I read the BIZLife portal because it clearly states what is and what is not. BIZLife is not sensational, but it is often exclusive. I read it because its titles are not forcefully ‘clickable’, but its texts are easily ‘sharable’. BIZLife is a good combination of business and life essentials. I wish a lot of good content to the editors of the BIZLife portal in the upcoming year.”

Branislav Jordanov, Marketing Manager, LG Electronics

“I have been reading the BIZLife portal for many years because it always contains useful information and advice from the business world. I particularly commend the modern developments over the last year, which have contributed to BIZLife’s quality coverage of the events on the domestic and international business scene, but also the fact that it stands out of the given framework by offering us a wide range of topics. Because of the great selection of texts and the high-quality and professional reporting, I think BIZLife is a good example showing that news can be instructive and interesting without sensationalist topics. I wish the editorial staff to continue to grow in the upcoming 2020.”

Why do I read the BIZLife Newsletter?

Marija Desivojevic, Senior Vice President, Delta Holding

“I should not say this out loud, but I avoid reading, watching and listening to the media in Serbia. However, as my job requires that I am well informed, which means properly and objectively informed, I have found a solution in BIZLife’s ‘Review of the Day’. Concise, clear, well-chosen, well delivered, often witty, it combines our (far too often) gray everyday life with the most interesting events in the world. Enough to keep me informed, up-to-date and far from apathetic.”

Branka Pudrlja Durbaba, Senior Market Director, Vip Mobile

“The most powerful tool you can have in business is the right information at the right time. It generates energy, brings action in the right direction, gives birth to new ideas and winners in the market game. The BIZLife Newsletter is a response to the business community’s need for information. Which changes have occurred and which we can expect in our immediate environment? What do new legal provisions bring us and when, and what do industry trends entail? What are the novelties on the political, cultural and business scene? These are just some of the questions that BIZLife answers every day – reliably and timely. That is why this newsletter was positioned in 2019 as a significant source of information and a road sign for us in the business world, and I am confident that it will remain so in the years to come.”

Aleksandar Plavsin, PhD, Managing Partner for Strategy and Development, Business Intelligence Institute

“Due to the lack of time to browse through the press daily, the BIZLife Newsletter is a great news provider. Taking into account the professional and skilled team working in BIZLife, I have absolute confidence that they will share the most important current news with us. I would particularly like to emphasize the impartiality in content selection, which allows us to hear different opinions on current social topics.”

Why do I follow BIZLife on Instagram?

Tomislav Momirovic, President of the BoD of Mona Hotel Management

“I follow you because you have found a good balance between event photos, motivational messages and information. Furthermore, you have managed to promote some new faces as well as remind us of some old ones from the world of business, culture, sports and politics. You do not ignore political reality and you do not position yourselves on either side of the political spectrum, but you have made it clear that your portal targets business people and those who wish to be business people. As an active social network user, I am happy to follow your Instagram account, as much as I like to go through your magazine in detail (and I always read some articles). ”

Jasna Uzelac Braunovic, Head of Media Relations & Sustainability Identity and Communication Unit, UniCredit Bank Serbia

“You have managed to create a great mix of useful and fun things on your Instagram profile, which is why I regularly follow everything you post. I have to share with you a personal story that has somehow created an unbreakable link to your profile. After my travelogue on Berlin, you asked me if I could recommend someone. I was pleased to do so and my dear colleague, in fact much more than a colleague, wrote her story about a fairy tale town. From that moment on, her life has become a fairy tale, because a wonderful young man read her story on Instagram. I will only say that a few days ago we were toasting to their engagement!”

Stefan Despotovic, External Communications Director, NIS

“BIZLife is a rarity on the Serbian media scene, a portal and a magazine that follows trends with an excellent measure of informative, corporate and lifestyle articles – it complements the everyday life of a manager and allows him/her to stay up-to-date. And the BIZLife Instagram account is all that at one place – a daily dose of information, laughter and beauty.”

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