WE BUY ham and salami most

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    WE BUY ham and salami most

    Consumers in Serbia most often buy ham and salami among meat products, according to a survey done by the Serbian Consumer Centre (CEPS). The survey was conducted in June in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad. According to CEPS, consumers consume ham most, several times a week, (43.4 percent of respondents) and salami (33.8 percent), followed by sausages (24.9 percent), pate (24 percent) and hot dogs (13.2 percent). Respondents do not have clear methods for collecting product quality data, nor criteria for quality assessment. More than half of them do not read the lists of ingredients carefully, explaining that they do not know how to evaluate that information. They get the most information from friends (65.6 percent), then through the media (59.6 percent), through family members (47.3 percent) and by reading some information on social networks (39.5 percent). Only 15.6 percent of the respondents are informed by experts, and none of them stated that they read a portal dealing with the topic of food quality and nutrition. “It is an interesting fact that hot dogs are a product that the respondents associate with pleasant emotions. A meal that includes hot dogs reminds them of beautiful, unburdened, pleasant moments from childhood, for example, kindergarten, days spent with grandparents or student days,” said CEPS’s president Vera Vida.

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