"We will have to adhere to the measure until October"

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    “We will have to adhere to the measure until October”

    Epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic has stated that we will have to adhere to the measure until September, October, and that we will enter 2022 unburdened and with a good scenario.

    Tiodorovic explained that we would have to adhere to everything in the summer as well, because even with vaccination, it takes a month and a half to two to create a protective level of immunity.

    “Vaccination has started, it will progress more and more, but we will have to wear masks while the vaccination lasts. There are people who are not allowed to get the vaccine, who are allergic to some of its ingredients, and for that reason we will not be able to vaccinate all the people. The other factor is that two doses are necessary. After the first dose, 50 percent of immunity develops, after the second, over 90 percent,” Tiodorovic concluded for the Blic daily.

    Izvor: Blic, Novosti

    Foto: YT/Printscreen

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