When will the first airline TAKE OFF from Morava Airport?

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    When will the first airline TAKE OFF from Morava Airport?

    More than a month ago, the Morava Airport has been opened to civilian traffic. There are no regular flights so far and workers are still being trained. When will airlines start transporting passengers from Kraljevo based airport? For now, only private planes and helicopters land at Morava Airport. They are greeted by workers from Nis Airport, as thirty-seven employees of Morava Airport are still being trained – security and counter-diversion control workers in Kraljevo, and members of the fire and rescue service and the emergency rescue service in Nis. They will work independently in about two months. For now, the airport in Ladjevci is open from 12 to 2 pm on Wednesday, so that resources are not spent on readiness instead of training while there are no scheduled flights, the airport management explains and RTS TV station reports. Airlines have already set a timetable for this year, so only charter flights can eventually be expected from the fall. Airport management would be pleased if regular flights commenced in spring. Commencement of the construction of a new runway and expansion of the aircraft parking platform will depend on interest of airlines. Morava will receive a three-letter code assigned by the International Air Transport Association only when the first company establishes a regular flight.

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