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While trade unions expect layoffs, Djordjevic claims employment is rising

According to the latest data related to employment trends in Serbia in May 2020, two percent more employees were registered than in the same period last year, while compared to April there was an increase by 1.1 percent, the Minister of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs, Zoran Djordjevic stated. “In May 2020, 2,203,247 employees were registered in Serbia, which represents an increase by 43,918 people compared to the same month last year. Compared to April 2020, there was an increase in the number of employees by 1.1 percent, 23,563 people respectively,” said Djordjevic and the Ministry announced. Djordjevic evaluated that these data show “we are moving in the right direction and we have a good basis to overcome the crisis that the entire world is facing due to the coronavirus epidemic”.

Trade unions claim the opposite

As a reminder, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Serbia has recently estimated that, due to the consequences of the pandemic of Covid-19 virus on the economy, 250,000 to 300,000 workers will lose their jobs in Serbia in autumn. Zoran Stojiljković, the President of the United Branch Trade Union “Nezavisnost”, also spoke on this topic, saying that there would be about a million unemployed citizens in Serbia in autumn if state does not find a way to help the economy with a new package of financial and other assistance, due to the crisis caused by Covid-19 pandemic.

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