WHY citizens registered by the unemployment bureau DECLINE JOBS they are offered?

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    WHY citizens registered by the unemployment bureau DECLINE JOBS they are offered?

    The unemployed from the records of the National Employment Service (NES) are not often interested in jobs in fields of textile and leather production, mechanical engineering and machining, and also they are not fond of working in fields of agriculture, food production and food processing, forestry and wood processing. Reasons they are refusing the offered jobs are mostly hidden in the description of the very jobs, but also in the work conditions defined by employers, the “Politika” daily reports. Nevertheless, the NES reveals that data on the offered work conditions by the employer can present concrete facts and grounds for justifiable rejection of the offered employment. “Offers are rejected due to wages lower than the average for those jobs at the regional level, working conditions that are below standards for the occupation in question, unpaid contributions or overtime, irregular salaries, workplace location, etc. Risk of injury, occupational or other type of illnesses also plays a factor when it comes to rejection: working at height, underwater, underground, as well as when workplace has increased risk and exposure to harmful radiation or poisonous substances,” NES adds to the list. There are also cases where unemployed refuse jobs without a justified reason, thus removal from the records is possible due to non-compliance with legal provisions on obligations of the unemployed.

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