As of tomorrow cafes and restaurants are open until 10 pm INDOORS as well

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    As of tomorrow cafes and restaurants are open until 10 pm INDOORS as well

    The Crisis Headquarters for the Fight against the Coronavirus has decided that as of tomorrow, caterers can work until 10 pm indoors, with 50 percent of the capacity and without music.

    “We have decided to allow cafes, restaurants and catering industry to work indoors as well, but with respect to the measures, which include a distance of one and a half to two meters between guests and a 50 percent capacity. There will be no music, because then people speak louder, and all the above are factors that affect the spread of the virus. The virus is here, it is present, and we must be aware that we are not done with it and a difficult fight awaits us,” said Doctor Tiodorovic.

    He added that inspection in bars, cafes and restaurants will be strict and the Crisis Staff will advocate rigorous punitive measures.

    Our citizens from abroad, who have been inoculated, do not have to be quarantined.

    He also said that a decision was made today according to which our citizens who live abroad, and are properly inoculated there, can enter Serbia without restrictions, i.e. the obligation to be in quarantine.

    He added that it is expected that countries they come from will apply the same rules for us – i.e. introduce reciprocal measures.

    When asked about digital COVID certificates for inoculation, Tiodorovic said that we are on the right path and our certificates have been praised by some countries and the European Commission.

    We hope that they will be fully accepted and we will have a rational method that will help us communicate more easily, and travel as well, said Tiodorovic.

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