BIZlife finds out: Companies in Serbia send employees to WORK FROM HOME again

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    BIZlife finds out: Companies in Serbia send employees to WORK FROM HOME again

    The number of newly infected people in Serbia has been constant over the last week, mainly around 100 a day. That is why some Belgrade-based companies have decided to tighten the measures against the spread of the coronavirus again, the BIZlife portal has learned. As we have find out, the employees of some companies got the information yesterday and last night that the introduction of work from home was being considered again, while some have already been ordered not to come to work but to perform their work duties from home. Safety measures have been tightened in certain companies, with the recommendation to wear masks and gloves, as well as to regularly disinfect hands and phones. The reason is the fact that the number of new patients is not decreasing, and that employees had numerous contacts due to the relaxation of measures, both at various meetings and on trips. As a reminder, epidemiologist Predrag Kon warned early this morning that the epidemiological situation in Belgrade was worsening again and that due to the return of students to their homes in July, the threat may spread throughout Serbia.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Pixabay

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