Chinese workers PROTESTED against Zijin: "You are disgracing our country" (VIDEO)

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    Chinese workers PROTESTED against Zijin: “You are disgracing our country” (VIDEO)

    Around 50 Chinese workers engaged in the construction of a tailings pond for the needs of the new copper mine “Cukaru Peki”, now part of the Chinese company Zijin, protested in front of the headquarters of that company, demanding better working conditions.

    They stated that they have been working almost non-stop since April, they do not have heating in their dormitories, food is poor and are often thirsty. They say that they are not allowed to visit Bor, thus they feel like prisoners.

    “This is an embarrassment for China. We came to Europe to disgrace our country. We are ashamed, we are ashamed …”, it is stated in the correspondence of Chinese workers in which the journalist of the Beta agency had an insight.

    They announced a lawsuit against Zijin upon their return to the country and note that they receive their salary in China.

    One of the workers from Bor based Zijin assessed that this is a circumvention of Serbian laws, because taxes and contributions for Chinese workers are not paid, while, at the same time, a large number of Serbian workers lost their jobs on that project.

    “Our workers who are protesting against Zijin are blacklisted and thus cannot be employed even in a company that cooperates with Zijin. Some workers work on that project for over 250 hours a month and are paid only around EUR 700,” said one of them.

    The protest of the Chinese workers ended without an agreement, and a new protest is scheduled for Thursday.

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