City of Belgrade "TO INTRODUCE ORDER" among taxi drivers at Airport

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    City of Belgrade “TO INTRODUCE ORDER” among taxi drivers at Airport

    From now on, there will be police community support officers at Belgrade “Nikola Tesla” airport, as well as a roster according to which taxi drivers will pick up passengers, announced Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic.

    The city of Belgrade has adopted a decision that will regulate the work of taxi drivers at the Belgrade airport.

    Explaining the amended decision on taxi transport, Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic pointed out that the decision referred to “Nikola Tesla” Airport with the goal of, as he said, finally bringing order.

    “Now we will make it possible for the police community support officers to be present, and there will be a roster according to which taxi drivers will pick up passengers,” Vesic said.

    Secretary for Public Transport Jovica Vasiljevic pointed out that a special Article 17 was included, which determined the procedure in case of out-dated and damaged identification stickers that should be located on the windshields of every taxi vehicle.

    “The stickers are related to entering the airport and to the use of the electronic system that we have introduced. A penal provision was also introduced in the amount of RSD 120,000 for companies, RSD 70,000 for entrepreneurs, and RSD 20,000 for individual taxi drivers. This is a part of the measures we want to apply to additionally bring order to the taxi transport system, especially when it comes to driving to and from “Nikola Tesla” Airport.

    According to him, the new electronic system for rostering taxi drivers at the airport stipulates that taxi drivers come to the parking spot designated for them, and after that, electronic reporting is conducted.

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