CLS: GSP on verge of collapse, city authorities consider PRIVATISATION

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    CLS: GSP on verge of collapse, city authorities consider PRIVATISATION

    The case of self-combustion of the Ikarbus bus in the Karaburma bus garage, “is the latest warning that the City Transport Company (GSP) “Beograd” is on the verge of collapse, due to poor maintenance, detrimental contracts and activities of importers’ lobbyists,” the Centre for Local Self-Government (CLS) has explained.

    “In 2019, GSP recorded a loss of RSD 1.52 billion, and in 2020 even more, RSD 2.13 billion, although this was a consequence of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. Significant losses are again expected to occur this year”, the CLS said in a press release.

    They say that the city government is considering the privatisation of GSP, “which could explain this systemic destruction, in order to bring down the price and prepare the public for this.”

    “The signing of the contract on Bus Plus Two, which drains approximately RSD 50 million a month from GSP, maintenance of vehicles by unauthorised agents, installation of Chinese parts, purchasing buses that run on gas under unfavourable leasing contracts, with an interest rate of five percent, a major percentage of Chinese and Turkish buses that are not driven at all due to poor overall condition, these are all the last nails in the GSP coffin”, according to the press release.

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