Constantine and Morava under THE SAME ADMINISTRATION

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    Constantine and Morava under THE SAME ADMINISTRATION

    Airport Constantine the Great in Nis and Morava Airport in Kraljevo now have a single operator, which finalized the process of implementing the Decision on the status change of the merger of the Nis Airport with the company Aerodromi Srbije (Airports of Serbia), the company announced. Aerodromi Srbije doo Nis assumes all the rights and obligations towards the current employees of the airport “Constantine the Great”, whose name remains the same regardless of the change of founder and they will continue to perform their work obligations without termination, under improved working conditions. All the rights, obligations and responsibilities under the contract concluded by the company Airport Nis, not only with the airlines, but also with all the other suppliers and users of services, will be transferred to the company Aerodromi Srbije doo Nis. As it is stated, the company Aerodromi Srbije, with the support of the competent Ministry of Transport, will continue further modernization of Nis Airport, which is reflected in the completion of the project of the construction of the system of light marking, as well as the works on the development of the project-technical documentation for the new terminal building.

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