"Coronavirus causes sterility, not vaccination"

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    “Coronavirus causes sterility, not vaccination”

    State Secretary of the Ministry of Health Mirsad Djerlek has said that experts have proven that coronavirus causes sterility, and that the information that sterility is caused by the vaccine against covid-19 is false.

    “Social networks have done great evil by influencing our young people because they have primarily talked about sterility, which our most eminent experts have proven to be caused by the coronavirus, not by the vaccine,” Djerlek told RTS TV.

    Immunologists and people who deal with this problem have made it clear that the vaccine does not affect the reproductive organs, he added.

    Djerlek said that the numbers that indicated a decline in coronavirus infections were encouraging, but he noted that the epidemic measures and mass immunization remained necessary.

    “We can talk about a more relaxed situation when there are fewer than 100 infected on a daily basis, which requires a lot of fight and time,” he said.

    He pointed out that despite the decline in the number of patients it was no time to relax and he appealed to the citizens to adhere to the measures during the holidays as well.

    “During the holidays, the weather will be nice and people will go out into the countryside, but I appeal to them to avoid contacts that could contribute to infections,” Djerlek appeals.

    Izvor: RTS

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