Croatia requests EUR 1 BILLION from Serbia, Tabakovic replies - this is "attempted trick"

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    Croatia requests EUR 1 BILLION from Serbia, Tabakovic replies – this is “attempted trick”

    Governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Jorgovanka Tabakovic has responded to an announcement from Croatia about claiming a billion euros with interest for succession. Tabakovic said that she saw the announcements from Croatia that they could claim deposits and old foreign currency savings of Jugobanka and other banks as an “attempted trick”, and that the NBS would be guided by the principle of reciprocity – “we will treat you as you treat us”. Asked by a reporter whether she believes those announcements from Croatia to be part of the mistakes of previous succession negotiators, since Croatia announces a claim of about one billion euros with interest, Tabakovic says, “At work and in international relations, when you divide the property of the previously joint state, some people act based on the principle of an attempted trick ‘if we manage to trick you it was worth a shot’. That is how I see that attempt,” Tanjug reports as cited by B92. The governor added that in terms of everything that had been done when it came to the succession of the former SFRY, she believed that the other party would fulfil their obligations as well, and that everything they had done so far did not give them the right to the fulfilment of every obligation in advance without counting on reciprocity.

    Izvor: B92

    Foto: Beta/Miloš Miškov

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