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Deficit at end of February at RSD 600 million, public debt 49.1 percent of GDP

The deficit in state budget at the end of this year’s February amounted to RSD 600 million, as revenues amounted to RSD 204.7 billion and expenditures to RSD 205.3 billion, the Ministry of Finance announced. The budget deficit amounted to RSD 12.8 billion in February. Budget revenues in February amounted to RSD 94.7 billion, of which tax collection amounted to RSD 83.6 billion. The biggest part of tax revenue is related to VAT payments, in the amount of RSD 41.1 billion, and excise tax of RSD 23.9 billion. Non-tax revenues amounted to RSD 10.7 billion, and income from donations amounted to RSD 400 million. Budget expenditures in February amounted to RSD 107.4 billion. Employee costs were 26.6 billion, payment of interests 15.7 billion, capital expenditures 12.4 billion, and transfers to compulsory social insurance organizations (the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, the National Health Insurance Fund, the National Employment Service, the Fund for Insurance of Military Personnel) were RSD 15.3 billion. At the general state level, a fiscal deficit of RSD 6.6 billion and a primary fiscal surplus of RSD 27.6 billion were recorded in the first two months of this year. According to state’s annual budget implementation plan, a fiscal deficit of RSD 20.6 billion is planned in the first two months. Serbia’s public debt stood at RSD 24.36 billion at the end of February, which is 49.1 percent of this year’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). At the end of January public debt was 48.9 percent of GDP.

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