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Employers and employees AGREE: The EASIEST way to get a job is via political party

Employers, employees and the unemployed believe that there is discrimination in Serbia when it comes to employment, data on discrimination in the labour market shows. More than 90 percent of employees and the unemployed, as well as 100 percent of employers estimated that people in Serbia are employed on the basis of party affiliation, the representative German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), Petar Antic has stated. According to a survey of 1,100 respondents, 100 percent of employers perceive discriminatory behaviour in Serbia as employing people on the basis of party affiliation, 92 percent of employees share the same position, as well as 95 percent of unemployed. There is also a high level of agreement of all three groups when it comes to asking questions about marital and family status at the job interview, and that workplaces are not adjusted to people with disabilities, while women are asked family questions during a job interview and only members of the ruling parties receive promotions. Regarding personal preferences as a basis for discrimination in the labour market, membership in political institutions cited 58 percent of employers, 50 percent of employees and 57 percent of the unemployed. Around 40 percent of employers cite marital status, as well as more than 30 percent of both employed and unemployed as a basis for discrimination, and 42 percent of employers, 38 percent of employees and 27 percent of unemployed people see this discrimination when it comes to gender. Antic has said that there is a high awareness of discrimination in the labour market and everyone see that it is expressed towards people with disabilities, the elderly and the Romani people, as well as based on political orientation.

Izvor: N1, FoNet

Foto: Pixabay

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