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BIZLife “30 under 30”: Darija Rascanin, Design and Construction Manager, Delta Real Estate

Darija graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Belgrade, and after working at architectural bureaus, she became a part

BIZLife “30 under 30”: Dijana Kocic, Brand Manager, Red Bull

Dijana is a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Sciences, who started working part time as a member of the Red Bull Wings

BIZLife “30 under 30”: Aleksandar Ristic, Entrepreneur, “Rish Shoes”

Alexander gradually entered the family business at the age of twelve, beginning with the simplest operations in the process of shoemaking, by

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No one prevents a woman from being successful

For nearly a decade, she has been taking care of over 10,000 employees in the Mozzart company. She is at the helm

A woman as the leader of the team that takes care of people in Telenor

They can work from home five days a month, they work shorter hours on Fridays and in summer, they have social zones

First time for Serbian media – Vice President of L’Oréal Group: The Beauty of Ethics ans Ethics of Beauty

The concept of ethics in business is, at least for Serbian companies, the “Spanish village”. The ethics is based on good will

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