"Fines of RSD 150,000 to companies that do not CLEAN FACADES"

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    “Fines of RSD 150,000 to companies that do not CLEAN FACADES”

    Councillors of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade will vote today on amendments to the Decision on Utility Services, said Goran Vesic, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade.

    This decision stipulates that legal entities that are the owners of buildings and houses located in cultural and historical units have the obligation to ensure that their facades are clean and free of graffiti, as well as to restore them professionally and with high quality, subject to the conditions and approval of the competent Institute for Cultural Monument Protection,” said Vesic.

    He emphasized that this obligation applies only to the facilities owned by legal entities, i.e. companies, banks, insurance companies, post offices, as well as the facilities where schools, kindergartens or faculties are located,, but not to residential buildings.

    Legal entities, i.e. companies that do not clean their facades from graffiti, will receive a misdemeanour fine of RSD 150000, Vesic explained.

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