Former director of a museum accused of malfeasances

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    Former director of a museum accused of malfeasances

    The Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime has filed an indictment against the former director of the Ethnographic Museum Mirjana Menkovic and responsible person of the Youth Cooperative “Gaudeamus” Ranka Dedovic, as they are suspected of damaging museum for several million dinars via malfeasances.

    Mirjana Menkovic is charged with malfeasance and Ranka Dedovic is charged with the criminal offense of malfeasance of a responsible person.

    The indictment against the two was recently confirmed by the Special Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade, “Tanjug” received information from the court in question. Their defence attorneys appealed the decision, thus final decision of the Appellate Court is pending.

    In addition to Menkovic and Dedovic, this case includes three more suspects who accepted a plea bargaining with the Prosecutor’s Office in exchange for suspended sentences, confirmed by the court via official ruling.

    Izvor: RTS, Tanjug

    Foto: Etnografski muzej

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