Krusik employees have had NO MEDICAL INSURANCE since April

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    Krusik employees have had NO MEDICAL INSURANCE since April

    Representatives of the representative trade unions of the Krusik Valjevo Holding Company (HK) assess that without the help of the state, Krusik is unable to fulfil its obligations to employees and suppliers.

    At a press conference held in front of the company’s gates, the chairman of the Independent Trade Union, Branko Petrovic, stated that since April this year, the Krusik employees had not had valid health insurance cards, the trade union reported.

    “In this difficult epidemiological situation, we believe that it is inhumane that employees and their family members do not have possibilities for appropriate medical treatment. The insurance cards are verified only for emergencies, and so far approximately 370 insurance cards have been certified for a period of 15 days to a month. We want to appeal once again (to those in charge) to find a way to solve this problem,” Petrovic said.

    He said that, according to their information, Krusik owed to the Health Insurance Fund approximately RSD 170 million and that they were unable to pay these funds on their own.

    “Since June, we have addressed the relevant ministries, the Prime Minister and the President of the state, we have appealed for help, however, to this day, this has not been resolved. We have some information that the relevant ministries have given their consent to allocating funds to help Krusik, but the Government session on the issue has not been held yet,” Petrovic said.

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