Little town in Gorski Kotar gives families EUR 13,000 to buy real estate

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    Little town in Gorski Kotar gives families EUR 13,000 to buy real estate

    For the second year in a row, the Croatian town of Gorski Kotar has been providing incentives of around EUR 13,000 for young people who want to stay there and start families.

    For the second year in a row, Vrbovsko is allocating HRK 100,000 to young families for the purchase of real estate in order to encourage demographic renewal and immigration of young people.

    “My girlfriend and I lived in a house with my parents, we were hesitant about whether to stay and live in our hometown of Vrbovsko or move to Rijeka or another larger city. We heard about the incentive of the City, we fulfilled all the conditions at the call for applications and received a grant of HRK 100,000 for the purchase of the first real estate.”

    That was a deciding factor for us to stay here to live, and I hope that we will soon start our family here. We took out a loan for a part of the amount, we got the rest from the City and bought an apartment that we have already completely renovated. For us, this is like winning the lottery.

    It is a lot of money and it is difficult to earn it, and when someone gives it to you, there are no words to describe how we feel, as Bojan Simunovic (32) explained for 24sata, praising the measure of the City which is a great help to young people, who have already moved away in large numbers.

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