Loncar: Two BABIES infected with the coronavirus

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    Loncar: Two BABIES infected with the coronavirus

    Out of a total of 303 cases of the coronavirus registered in Serbia so far, 152 patients have been hospitalized. Two babies are also among the infected, the Minister of Health, Zlatibor Loncar stated. So far we have 15 cured who went home, as they have no symptoms and had two negative tests in 48 hours. There are 152 patients in hospitals, 21 patients are on the respirator and they are in serious condition, the Minister stated with RTS. He added that eight patients are on respirators at the Infectious Disease Clinic in Belgrade, five at the Clinical Centre Nis and four at the clinical centres in Kragujevac and Novi Sad. The Minister confirmed that a 28-day old baby is infected with the coronavirus, currently treated at the Clinical-Hospital Centre “Dr. Dragisa Misovic”, saying that this is the second baby with confirmed case of the coronavirus. “We already had a baby who was positive for the coronavirus, but fortunately she had no problems or health issues.” Speaking about the announced mass testing of people for the coronavirus, Loncar said this is the only way that medical profession deemed successful in the battle against the coronavirus.

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