Mali ANNOUNCED a significant INCREASE in minimum wage

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    Mali ANNOUNCED a significant INCREASE in minimum wage

    In the last two years minimum wage has increased by 18.6 percent, and we will further continue with a significant increase, the Minister of Finance Sinisa Mali has announced. “On the other hand, we wish to introduce more tax reductions for the economy so that this increase is on a sound basis,” Mali has said after his meeting with the Minister of Labour Zoran Djordjevic. As stated, this was a consultative meeting prior to commencement of negotiations with representatives of trade unions and employers on raising the minimum wage. Mali has pointed out that Government’s goal is to improve the quality of life of citizens in the country, thus in this sense it is in state interest to continue raising the minimum cost of labour. The current minimum wage that around 350,000 workers are receiving is somewhat over RSD 27,000, and is expected to increase to at least RSD 30,000. Trade unions are asking for the minimum to “jump” to RSD 31,000.

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