Morava Airport needs new runway, RSD 155 million from the state

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    Morava Airport needs new runway, RSD 155 million from the state

    The Serbian government has adopted a decision allocating RSD 155 million from the budget for construction works at Morava Airport near Kraljevo. According to the portal Glas zapadne Srbije, the decision does not specify what works are planned, while Assistant Minister for Air Transport Zoran Ilic says that the Government plans to build a new runway, because the existing one is built for military airplanes that are lighter. Talking about establishing regular flights from Morava Airport, Ilic recalls that, last month, the Government declared that air transport on two routes from Kraljevo Airport was of public interest. These are the routes to Thessaloniki and Vienna. “In the first week of December, if the tender for the selection of an airline is successfully completed, flights to Vienna will start, and in the second half of March 2020, the flights on the Kraljevo-Thessaloniki route will start,” Ilic said. According to him, the Government of Serbia will subsidize the winner of the tender for the selection of an airline with EUR 5.7 million over the next three years. The motive for the company that will get the job, he said, is to have as many passengers as possible, and it will only achieve this if it has good airfares. He added that the expected price of a return flight to Vienna and Thessaloniki would be between RSD 10,000 and 12,000.


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