Nebojsa Bjelotomic is new director of "Digital Serbia" Initiative

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    Nebojsa Bjelotomic is new director of “Digital Serbia” Initiative

    Today, Nebojsa Bjelotomic will take over the position of director of the “Digital Serbia” Initiative, a non-governmental and non-profit organization with the goal of strategically developing a strong and globally competitive digital economy in Serbia.

    The new director of the “Digital Serbia” Initiative is one of the most important advocates for the vision of Serbia as a leader in the digital economy of the 21st century, around which this organisation was established four years ago, and he was one of the first members of its Assembly. He has almost 20 years of experience in various leadership positions in companies in the digital ecosystem of our country, and over the last year he has been an active mentor and investor who supports the development of national start-ups. In the last few months, as a business angel, he has supported national start-up teams in their efforts to expand on the global market and he also directly participated in two investments, with a total value of EUR 0.5 million.

    Nebojsa Bjelotomic was born in Belgrade, and he graduated as a scholarship holder of Boston University in the field of biomedical engineering. He started his career in a US start-up, and after returning to Serbia he worked at IBM, then at Fujitsu Siemens, where he quickly reached the positions from which he managed the operations in the entire region. At the same time, he continued his education with a master’s degree in management and marketing and he became the director of Printec, the company that develops solutions for automation of financial transactions, and the last five years he spent in the position of the CEO of the Saga company, which had significant growth in this period – in addition to strengthening positions in traditional areas, he also oversaw the development of the artificial intelligence segment and data science.

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    Foto: DSI/Mitar Mitrović

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