Nedimovic: Agriculture growth 5 percent, raspberry BREAKING records

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    Nedimovic: Agriculture growth 5 percent, raspberry BREAKING records

    The Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimovic stated that agriculture recorded a growth of five percent this year when compared to 2019, which was already a record-breaking year.

    He added that agriculture will make up a significant part of Serbia’s gross domestic product and that is why he expects a minimal decline this year.

    “If there is anything positive about the 2020, it is that we have understood the position of food in country’s security system. Look at the neighbouring countries in March and April, in many developed countries there were empty shelves, there was no shortage of anything in our country for more than two to three days,” said Nedimovic on RTS.

    He stated that RSD 53 billion will be invested in equipment, mechanization, milk subsidies and increase of the livestock next year.

    He pointed out winemaking and viticulture as a promising job and announced that 36 more new wineries will be opened throughout Serbia soon.

    Nedimovic added that raspberries broke all records this year with exports of USD 247 million, while, for example, apples were exported for USD 130 million.

    He announced that Turkey will be supplied with raspberries from Serbia this summer, and that the export of blueberries is expected to this country as well.

    Izvor: Beta, RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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