"NIS gives me an opportunity for my career to take an upward trajectory" (VIDEO)

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    “NIS gives me an opportunity for my career to take an upward trajectory” (VIDEO)

    Bojan Mijatovic completed his undergraduate and master studies at the Faculty of Technological Sciences in Novi Sad, and began his professional career at NIS as part of NIS’s program for scholarships and encouraging the advancement of gifted students and young scientists and artists at the University of Novi Sad.

    As he states for BIZlife, he stayed in Serbia because he is of an opinion that work and effort can be appreciated in the right place, in an adequate company.

    “A company such as NIS provides very nice opportunities for young people eager for knowledge, experience and work, so they can prove themselves, both at the horizontal level and at the level of training and career advancement. What is very important is that our company provides the opportunity, especially for young people, to improve skills such as engineering, as it was in my case, as well as skills such as organizational, communication skills, etc.”, says Mijatovic.

    As he states, it is interesting that NIS has a major focus on digitalization, i.e. keeping up with modern trends.

    “I’m glad to be a member of such a company, where we see that we don’t really fall behind others.”

    Please check video and see what binds him to Serbia, what are the advantages of the company and what is important to him when it comes to the company in which he works.

    He shared his experiences on these topics during the filming, which was realized within the project “Brain drain from Serbia – Act responsibly right now for the future of Serbia”, which the Serbian Association of Managers (SAM) is conducting with the support of Swiss Government.

    The project was launched for the purpose of raising public awareness about the brain drain from Serbia, as well as creating a dialogue on the topic of positive aspects of circular migrations. The special task of the project is to point out the possibilities and opportunities for professional and personal development of young people in Serbia through the promotion of company programs for talent development, professional internships and scholarships, programs for attracting employees and experts from diaspora, as well as establishing a dialogue with state institutions on the topic of  circular migrations.

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