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No more work on Sunday? The Ministry is establishing a work group

Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic has made a decision to form a work group tasked with reviewing all aspects of a possible Sunday work ban in trade facilities in Serbia, his cabinet announced. In the following period the work group will complete the analysis of the effects of applying the Sunday ban in countries of the European Union that have decided to do that, but it will also consider different alternative models. Eventual decision to ban work on Sunday must be legally grounded in order for Serbia not to repeat mistakes of some other countries, i.e. Croatia for example, where such a decision was the subject of a dispute before the Constitutional Court, the statement said. It added that the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications would do a comprehensive survey involving retailers, suppliers, consumers and trade workers, so that the decision was not made “hastily”, as it was pointed out. “The eventual Sunday work ban must not be a political decision, but the result of a dialogue on finding the best solution, which will take into account economic interests of traders and consumers, as well as the social position of workers employed in trade industry,” the Ministry pointed out.

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