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Possible RISE in tuition fees, IT department LEADS

The Faculty of Security, Faculty of Physical Chemistry and Faculty of Mathematics are planning to increase tuition fees. The proposal, which the University of Belgrade will submit to the Serbian government for approval, envisages the enrolment of almost the same number of students as last year at all levels of studies in the next academic year, it was stressed at the session of the Senate of the University of Belgrade. The enrolment of 15,014 students was proposed for undergraduate academic studies, of whom 9,597 should be on the budget, explained Prof. Petar Bulat, PhD, Vice-Rector for Teaching of the University of Belgrade. At vocational studies, 180 students are planned to be enrolled, 40 of whom will be on the budget; master academic studies are planned to be enrolled by 9,467 students, 4,102 of whom would have their studies covered by the state budget. There are 1,902 positions planned for doctoral studies, of which 692 are on the budget, and 75 for specialist courses exclusively for self-financing students. Tuition fees are planned to be increased at three out of 31 faculties. After ten years, it is proposed to increase the price of studies at the Faculty of Security from RSD 106,900 to RSD 118,200, while tuition fee at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry should be increased from RSD 69,000 to RSD 75,000. The Faculty of Mathematics plans to increase the price of studies in one department only – IT, where it is certain that students will pay RSD 160,000 instead of the previous amount of RSD 141,000 per year.


Izvor: Politika

Foto: Pixabay

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