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Pozega based Budimka plant working once again as of today (PHOTO)

The food industry plant Budimka Požega, owned by the ITN group from Kosjeric, has started its production once again. Budimka was sold in November last year at a public auction for RSD 212.7 million to the ITN group, which deals with innovations in agriculture and production of frozen fruits and vegetables. The new owner invested more than five million euros in the renewal of production and employed around 50 workers. Investments of another seven million euros and employment of more than 100 people have been announced. Budimka was privatized in 2008, but the privatization agreement was terminated after two years. Production was suspended in 2015, and the following year the company went bankrupt.

Izvor: Beta

Foto: Predsedništvo Srbije/ Dimitrije Goll

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