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Prime Minister following an EMERGENCY meeting on POLLUTION: There is no place for PANIC

The Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic has stated that air pollution in Serbia is “no greater” than it was in previous years, but weather conditions were “very poor”, pointing out that “there is no reason to panic.” This should not cause and there is no place for panic. The key problem at the moment are individual household furnaces, as 60 percent of households in Serbia are not connected to the district heating system, Brnabic has told reporters at the opening of the National Academy of Public Administration. Brnabic has said that “slightly higher air pollution” is caused by meteorological conditions, as well as increased number of cars, because “in Belgrade alone, there are 80,000 cars more than there were five or six years ago.” At an urgent meeting with representatives of all relevant institutions and ministries, the Prime Minister has discussed about the current data on air quality readings in Serbia and measures to be taken to systematically address the problem of key aero-pollutants. It was agreed on a meeting to establish an administrative body that will address the issue of air pollution and will coordinate the work of five competent ministries. Brnabic has said she is not satisfied with the way the ministry in charge of ecology has dealt with the problem so far, as citizens did not have the right information. According to her, the biggest problem is that “citizens are burning almost everything”, as well as large number of Euro 3 cars, that are big pollutants, and this will have to change, in line with the European standards, i.e. this will be banned.

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