Prime Minister is frustrated: No one has been vaccinated for days

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    Prime Minister is frustrated: No one has been vaccinated for days

    Prime Minister Ana Brnabic has warned that if the citizens do not continue to get vaccinated, the inevitable will happen and the number of patients will start to rise.

    The Prime Minister warned that 48% of the vaccinated adult population could not protect everyone, but she also rejected the possibility that the arrival of people from the diaspora could affect the epidemiological situation in the country, because they were coming from the countries where the level of vaccination was at an enviable level, RTV reports.

    “48 percent of vaccinated adult citizens, or even less than 40 percent cannot protect one hundred percent of the population, it is frustrating and disastrous,” said Brnabic and appealed to each individual to talk to friends, relatives, family members, neighbours who have not been vaccinated, to do so.

    According to her, if the number of patients starts to grow, if the numbers start to rise again, it will be a disaster for all of us, for the mental health of the nation, for the economy that is growing, but it is resilient and it is fighting.

    “For days, no one is getting vaccinated anymore, only foreigners, it is then inevitable that we will see soon, I am afraid, but I hope later than I think, an increase in numbers,” said Brnabic.

    She warned that 48 percent of the adult population in Serbia had been vaccinated and that we could not exceed that percentage.

    Izvor: RTV

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