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    Prisoners GAVE UP MONEY to buy masks for pupils

    More than 200 convicts at the Penitentiary in Sremska Mitrovica have donated RSD 235,600 for the production of more than 16,000 reusable protective masks for pupils from the first to the fourth grade of all primary schools in that town, the Ministry of Justice announced.

    Deputy Mayor Svetlana Milovanovic thanked the Penitentiary for the donation and announced the distribution of masks in schools next week, adding that each child would receive five masks.

    The convicts, employed in the tailoring plant, decided to start the campaign “Donate a mask to a schoolchild” and give up the salary they receive for their work and direct the funds for the purchase of materials, tailoring and sewing of masks for the youngest primary school pupils.

    The facility employs 30 convicts who have passed certified training for tailors, and the other convicts in the Penitentiary in Sremska Mitrovica joined the campaign and also donated a salary or other personal funds.

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