RGZ reformer of the year, despite the strike

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    RGZ reformer of the year, despite the strike

    The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) was proclaimed the reformer of the year, the award presented every year by the National Alliance for Economic Development.

    The reform of the cadastre is the reason why the Geodetic Authority is the reformer of the year. Despite the recent strike by the workers, who requested salary increases and reinforcement, i.e. more employees.

    The director of the Geodetic Authority says that the workers on strike deceived the public before the new year, because last year the government decided to hire 567 new workers.

    “This tender was announced in April and it is still ongoing. It is a huge task. We had 25,000 applications and for now the tender is running smoothly,” says Borko Draskovic of the Republic Geodetic Authority.

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