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SAE suggests to the Serbian government: Package 5+3 for revitalization of the economy

The Serbian Association of Employers (SAE) sent Serbian government the proposal of a Package of 5+3 measures, for revitalizing the economy and minimizing the impact of the pandemic on the national economy. Welcoming the Government’s measures to date, to support the economy, SAE proposes:

  1. Reduction of VAT in the field that suffered the most, tourism and catering industry respectively, to 10%
  2. Payment of VAT upon the realized invoice, starting from January 1st, 2021
  3. Abolition of the obligation to document the non-taxed costs of transportation fees for the arrival and departure of employees from work
  4. Reduction of local utility fees by 30%, such as, for example, tax on business signs
  5. Postponement of the payment of the ecology tax until April 1st, 2021

The following proposals were sent to the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs:

  1. To enable employees to use last year’s annual leave after June 30th of the current year, and if that same vacation is used in parts, there should not be a two-week minimum rule for it;
  2. That the salary compensation due to temporary incapacity for work for a period of 30 days is at the expense of the Health Fund of the Republic of Serbia, and not at the expense of the employer;
  3. To simplify the procedure for giving consent of the competent minister in case the employer has the need to send the employee on leave for more than 45 working days, with a salary compensation of 60%, due to work interruption or reduced workload.

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