Serbia "HELPED" investors with half a billion euros in six years

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    Serbia “HELPED” investors with half a billion euros in six years

    The Anti-Corruption Council recommended to the Serbian government to plan subsidies, incentives and reliefs according to priorities of national importance and from existing resources, not with new loans, and to review the allocation of subsidies and expensive reliefs to foreign investors.

    “Not a single competent institution has provided an answer to what is the purpose of subsidies, given primarily to foreign investors, which from 2014 to the first half of 2020 alone amount to over 500 million euros in direct payments,” the Council stated in the Report on Incentives, Subsidies and Reliefs in Serbia which was delivered to the Government.

    It was pointed out that the budget for 2020 planned 95.8 billion dinars for subsidies, yet that amount increased to 278.2 billion dinars following two budget revisions.

    “Such a large increase in expenditures on the basis of state aid was not planned in the budget for 2020, thus it can only be secured from credit funds, and credit conditions are inaccessible to the public and there should also be additional responsibility for spending those funds,” the Council evaluated.

    The proposal of the Council is that subsidies, incentives and reliefs are agreed in accordance with the Law on Budget and not to be amen

    ded by numerous regulations during the ongoing year.

    The Council also recommends that higher subsidies be approved for environmental protection, as well as agriculture and water management.

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