SERBIA'S DEBT spikes by almost EUR 3 billion in a year

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    SERBIA’S DEBT spikes by almost EUR 3 billion in a year

    Serbia’s public debt at the end of October this year amounted to about EUR 26.69 billion, which is 56.9 percent of the estimated gross domestic product (GDP), the Ministry of Finance announced.

    Since the end of last year, the public debt has increased by almost five percent.

    At the end of September, the public debt was EUR 26.60 billion, i.e. 56.7 percent of GDP, while at the end of last year it amounted to 23.94 billion, which was 52 percent of GDP.

    At the end of October this year, the budget deficit of Serbia amounted to RSD 347.6 billion, because revenues were RSD 1,031.1 billion, and expenditures RSD 1,378.7 billion, the Ministry stated.

    In October alone, a surplus of RSD 16.6 billion was realized.

    In October, revenues in the amount of RSD 116.7 billion were collected, of which tax revenues amounted to RSD 100.6 billion.

    The largest part of tax revenues refers to the payment of VAT in the amount of RSD 54.9 million and excise tax in the amount of RSD 26.2 billion.

    Non-tax revenues were realized in the amount of RSD 15.5 billion.

    Budget expenditures in October amounted to RSD 100.1 billion.

    Expenditures for employees amounted to RSD 25.6 billion, for capital investments RSD 12.7 billion, and for subsidies RSD 9.7 billion.

    According to preliminary data, at the level of the general government in the period January – October, the fiscal deficit in the amount of RSD 344.8 billion and the primary fiscal deficit in the amount of RSD 252.9 billion were realized.

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