Starbucks is opened

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    Starbucks is opened

    As Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic recently said, the citizens of Serbia no longer have to go to Budapest to have an espresso; instead, they can do so in our capital.

    One of the world’s most popular coffee shop chains Starbucks is open to all coffee lovers in Serbia, at Rajiceva Shopping Mall in Belgrade.

    In the first Serbian Starbucks coffee shop, all coffee enthusiasts have the opportunity to taste a wide range of various types of this beverage, while the menu will contain all the recognizable Starbucks beverages.

    The newly opened coffee shop, located in the heart of Knez Mihailova Street, covers the area of 175 square meters with a total of 104 seats, including 41 seats on the terrace. The modern interior will give guests the opportunity to enjoy spending time with their friends and to find the right ambiance for business meetings, working or studying. The restaurant’s décor is designed in the style of the brand’s recognizable colours, and the details and graphic pictures in the coffee shop depict the process of processing coffee beans.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Starbaks/Nemanja Nikolić (Domino magazin)

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