"Terrible figures in 2020: 44,000 people left Serbia, 10,000 fewer marriages"

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    “Terrible figures in 2020: 44,000 people left Serbia, 10,000 fewer marriages”

    Serbia was left without 44,000 inhabitants in 2020, not counting those who went abroad, and if the current trends continue, in 30 years it will have only around 4.5 million inhabitants, warned the Minister for Family Care and Demography Ratko Dmitrovic.

    He stated that last year, the death rate in Serbia increased by three percent and the birth rate decreased by more than two percent.

    “If we do not stop the trends that have been ruining us for decades, if nothing really changes in terms of mortality and birth rates, if we continue to lose 40,000 inhabitants a year within that ratio, if 40,000 to 50,000 people continue to leave Serbia every year, we will have only about 4.5 million inhabitants in 2050, and now there are just under seven million of us, for the first time in 65 years”, the Minister stated for the web portal 24sedam.rs.

    He also warned that 10,000 fewer marriages were concluded in 2020 than in 2019.

    “These are terrible figures and there is a direct impact of the coronavirus, i.e. the pandemic. I hope that marriages are only postponed, that these young people are waiting for the end of the pandemic, because we Serbs love weddings and celebrations,” said Dmitrovic.

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