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The highest income is in Belgrade municipality – RSD 90,000

The average net salary in Serbia amounted to RSD 55,065 in October, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia has announced. Compared to the same month last year, average salaries for October were nominally higher by 10.3 percent and 9.2 percent real terms. As for average salaries in cities and municipalities, the highest salaries were paid to employees residing in the Belgrade municipality of Vracar. Their average salaries in October were just over RSD 90,000, while the average for the entire Belgrade region was RSD 67,714. Salaries in Vojvodina reached an average of RSD 52,512 in October, with the highest average salary in Novi Sad – RSD 60,729. In Sumadija and Western Serbia, as well as the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia, the average salary was around RSD 48,000. The lowest average salary in Serbia was received by the workers in Vlasotince – RSD 37,737.

Izvor: RTS

Foto: BIZLife

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