The pepper, another Serbian trump card?

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    The pepper, another Serbian trump card?

    The pepper could become a new brand of Serbia and its significant export product, while trends show that Serbia is taking over part of the markets of Hungary and Macedonia because it has more competitive production.

    During 2016, peppers from Serbia were exported to as many as 27 countries, of which 35 percent to EU countries, the portal Agromedia reports, citing a study conducted by the SEEDEV consulting firm with the support of the GIZ project.

    In 2016, 227,600 tons of peppers were produced, which is an increase of two to three times compared to the previous three years, and a record-breaking export of fresh peppers of 6.5 million dollars was recorded, while the export of paprika powder reached 6.1 million US dollars.

    Apart from several companies, pepper producers are almost entirely family farms. When it comes to pepper chutney and paprika powder, as well as other similar products, there are individual successful examples and attempts to distribute and promote the products, but there are no systemic efforts that would define the quality and make it more recognizable, which would significantly increase consumption, and consequently production of peppers.

    According to the study, that is precisely why with peppers, more than other products, it makes sense to introduce quality labels and to promote quality on both domestic and foreign markets.

    It is added that state assistance in promoting, guaranteeing and marking quality would accelerate the processes of conquering foreign markets, primarily in the region.

    Izvor: Agromedia

    Foto: Pixabay

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