The President announced: We will try to build a vaccine plant

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    The President announced: We will try to build a vaccine plant

    The Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic, announced on his Instagram profile avucic that Serbia will try to build its own vaccine plant against the coronavirus.

    As he stated, that would enable us to independently produce enough vaccines for our population.

    “We are in a major battle, as it is very difficult to get vaccines. I hope for some good news next week. The world order and relations between countries have never changed as much as they do now at the time of the corona. That is why it is important for us to get as many vaccines this year as possible, to be diligent and hardworking”, Vucic wrote.

    Vucic also spoke about this during his visit to the Church of the Holy New Martyrs of Kragujevac in Sumarice.

    “We will need the vaccine for the next five, six or seven years, until they find a cure. We will try to build a plant so that we can produce enough vaccines for our population and neighbours, because big countries take everything and as much as we talk about solidarity, without blaming anyone specifically, we should look “in our own backyard”. Stories of solidarity are just fairy tales,” said Vucic.

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