The state will NOT ALLOW Air Serbia to fail

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    The state will NOT ALLOW Air Serbia to fail

    The European Union has allowed Serbia to grant state aid to Air Serbia, but only to cover losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, said Finance Minister Sinisa Mali.

    He added that the company had no losses in the previous period, but only during the pandemic.

    He talked about the importance of Air Serbia for the country, adding that the company was also going through a restructuring process.

    “Each country has supported its national company… Let me remind you, when the coronavirus epidemic started, how much it meant to us to have our own planes, not only to bring back the citizens of Serbia who were located in various countries, but simply those planes brought us medical equipment from China and other countries. We will not allow our national company to fail.”

    I will also remind the Fiscal Council and the citizens of Serbia that from the moment we made partnership with Etihad, Air Serbia has been in the black, not in the red, it is not a loss-maker… It was in the black until last year, Mali said in a statement for Tanjug.

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