THEY ARRIVED: Vesic is FIRST to boast of 174 new buses

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    THEY ARRIVED: Vesic is FIRST to boast of 174 new buses

    174 more public transport buses have arrived in Belgrade, completing this year’s procurement of new vehicles and now there are 244 buses in total, said Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic. These are low-floor city buses of the Higer Company based in China. Vesic boasted posting photos of the new buses on his Facebook account, adding: “The image is impressive.” I just arrived in Kosmaj plant, where 174 new buses from the Chinese company Higer are parked, which we are taking over today. With 70 buses that were delivered in June, we now have 244 new buses. The biggest bus purchase in a year in GSP history, Deputy Mayor said. Namely, the first 70 vehicles are a product of the BMC company based in Turkey, which, upon the beginning of their usage in traffic “caused problems” with an uncontrolled increase in engine rounds per minute.

    Izvor: BIZLife, FB

    Foto: Beoinfo

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