Tiodorovic reveals when STRICTEST MEASURES should be introduced

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    Tiodorovic reveals when STRICTEST MEASURES should be introduced

    A member of the Crisis Staff for the Suppression of the Coronavirus Epidemic, epidemiologist Branislav Tiodorovic, has said that the introduction of “the strictest” measures should be considered if the number of newly infected on a daily basis reaches 1,500.

    He said for the Blic daily that based on the current epidemiological situation and the number of patients in Serbia, “it is not yet time to introduce curfew”.

    “We are now still far below the numbers in the region and in Europe because we are among the three countries with the lowest rate per 100,000 active cases: Estonia, Norway and Turkey, while all the others are in a far higher risk,” said Tiodorovic.

    He estimated that in the next 10 to 15 days we could expect a spike in the number of newly infected.

    “If we fail to suppress the arrogant behavior that is happening, parties, nights out and music spectacles, we can expect an increase in the number,” the epidemiologist added.

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