Two billion dinars for treatment of rare diseases

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    Two billion dinars for treatment of rare diseases

    The Serbian government has secured two billion dinars for treatment of people with rare diseases this year.

    These funds will be used for drugs for patients who already use them, as well as for drugs for patients who start therapy with funds from the budget, once State Expert Commission decides that treatment is necessary.

    Two regulations in the field of tourism were also adopted at the Government assembly – on conditions and method of granting loans for abetting the quality of tourist offer and for abetting the improvement of organized tourist occupancy in regards to foreign tourists.

    The Government adopted the Decision on Declaring 2019 for the year of safety and health at work, for the purpose of drawing special attention of the public to significance of that field, bearing in mind the common interest of both employers and employees.

    Izvor: Danas

    Foto: Pixabay

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