Udovicic: MORE CONTAGIOUS delta strain probably ARRIVED in Serbia

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    Udovicic: MORE CONTAGIOUS delta strain probably ARRIVED in Serbia

    The delta plus strain of coronavirus has probably arrived in Serbia and we have to be concerned, because it is a more contagious virus strain, warns the commander of the military hospital in Karaburma, Ivo Udovicic.

    “As for the delta plus strain of the virus, we have to worry about it, it is a much more contagious form,”, Udovicic pointed out for RTS TV.

    Udovicic said that we had every reason to be extremely worried, because the delta plus strain had mutated on the spike, in the part where it entered the cells, making it a much more contagious form of the virus.

    “The virus is more contagious – it will cause a larger number of patients on a daily basis and thus more patients with severe symptoms,” said Udovicic.

    As he pointed out, 114 patients with severe symptoms were being treated in the hospital in Karaburma, and more than 70 percent of them were unvaccinated.

    In the last few days, out of twenty patients, only three were vaccinated, in the intensive care unit – these are older people with weaker immunity and a lot of comorbidities, Udovicic explained.

    Referring to the statistics on whether patients got vaccinated after leaving the hospital, he said that they had the data that all the patients who had been discharged from hospital got vaccinated.

    Izvor: RTS

    Foto: Pixabay

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